Author:Michael Klausner

google analytics academy

Why Google Analytics Academy is so Smart

If you ever had the thought of going back to school to beef up your marketing credentials, look no further than Google's Analytics Academy. This crash course in the basic tenets of market analysis and the necessity of measurement done Google-style will provide the knowledge of...

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Google explores the phase out of cookies

As browser providers begin to add more automatic cookie blockers as part of their features and debates heat up over privacy and what cookies do with your information, it makes sense that Google looks to the next step to deal with these issues. And for those...

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Happy New Year from Screaming Garlic

One year ago we started with our high-end fitness client, Landice. At the time, they faced a challenge that could have sunk most other companies. Fortunately, Landice recognized the inefficiency and had the desire to fix it. Like many companies in this post 2008 era, sales...

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Why is SEO still so important?

This article really hits the nail on the head regarding the value of the new SEO model. If you have fresh, well written, relevant and ORIGINAL content, ultimately  you will get noticed ...

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