What’s the Difference Between Owned, Earned and Paid Media?

Digital ad buying will never cede ground to social media engagement, content production and distribution, or conversations, according to speakers at Business Insider’s Social Media ROI conference in New York. That’s because brands need to do much more than preach to the converted.

This Digiday article provides a quick overview on these sometimes confusing terms for social media. We like the quote that corporates don’t count “likes.”  It’s the real engagement that matters.

Our other favorite? Joey Bergstein, CMO of Seventh Generation, a green consumer packaged goods brand, said that his company does not have a social media strategy. It has a marketing strategy. The brand builds a marketing plan based on what it is trying to achieve and then decides which channels will help it achieve its pre-established goals.

We develop marketing strategies too and social is always a slice, but never an end into itself.

Owned, Earned, Paid

Michael Klausner
[email protected]