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7 Fantastic Marketing Insights from Gary Vaynerchuk

These 7 summarized insights come from a keynote speech Gary Vaynerchuk made at local MeetUp session in NJ recently. Gary always seems to have his finger on the pulse with valuable perceptions and Screaming Garlic is happy to share them with you:

1) Facebook dark posts, the ability to directly target ads are the backbone of Internet marketing today. There’s no need to build a follower base at your Facebook page any more. Facebook is hands down the best place to target primary marketing spending.

2) Micro-celebrities on Instagram are the next best way to get marketing ROI. Find the people who have 10-50k followers that are in the segment you want to market to, and pay them to promote your product/service.

3) Every business should become a media company and produce content for others to enjoy. Become the authority on your business/market and blog/tweet about it regularly. This will build a customer base and pay dividends over time. Content is the gateway drug to engagement. If you give people enough content, they will be “guilted” into giving you business in return.

4) Attention / Time is everything. Focus on where people are putting their attention and time. The more of people’s attention you can get, the more successful your business will be.

5) Build for now. Not the past. Focus on where the future is going. Look at what 13 year-olds are doing today, what apps and services they use, because those will be what everyone uses soon. Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, all started their growth with teenagers.

6) Post on Medium. They curate the content, and often feature good stories by new authors on their site which may give a lot of attention to your story there.

7) Interesting side note on Uber (he’s an early investor). The taxi market in San Francisco is $140 Million (and was before Uber started). Uber is four years old and now they have $500 million in revenue there. They are gaining customers way over and above the existing taxicab network, and this seems to be the trend in all the major cities they target. Truly disruptive. Ref:

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