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google analytics academy

Why Google Analytics Academy is so Smart

If you ever had the thought of going back to school to beef up your marketing credentials, look no further than Google's Analytics Academy. This crash course in the basic tenets of market analysis and the necessity of measurement done Google-style will provide the knowledge of...

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Bud Light Promotion:

The last time I bought a case of beer other than as a token party gift, was probably 1994 - until today. I bought a case, in fact, of Bud Light. Why the sudden change of heart from ice cold craft beer on tap to...

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Rogers High Fidelity – Going Retro

Rogers High Fidelity of Warwick, NY is doing something unique in the audio enthusiast world - they're going back in time. And Screaming Garlic is happy to help them take this step backwards. Roger Gibboni, the founder of Rogers High Fidelity (RHF), has spent his professional...

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Using Influencer Marketing on Wine Brand

Hahn Family Vineyards, a small family winery wanted to get its name out amongst influential and passionate foodie groups and wine aficionados. Through the Groupable platform several foodie groups were selected to receive select wines and tasting notes to complement a group’s dinner club meal. The...

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