Happy New Year from Screaming Garlic

Happy New Year from Screaming Garlic

Happy New Year from Screaming Garlic, Inc.One year ago we started with our high-end fitness client, Landice. At the time, they faced a challenge that could have sunk most other companies. Fortunately, Landice recognized the inefficiency and had the desire to fix it.

Like many companies in this post 2008 era, sales were down. Compounding that issue, they were ranked as one of the most difficult companies to work with in the fitness industry. Understanding this challenge, SG carefully planned and executed a market research project that asked difficult questions of all the company’s important constituencies; their dealers, their customers and their employees. SG peeled away layers of “business as usual” to find answers that were tarnishing a 40 yr old solid and well respected brand.. Working together, we helped turn this “Made in the USA” story around.

Over the past year, the Screaming Garlic team has worked with Landice to buff up their image and stem the tide of consumer and dealer mistrust. We did this by simply connecting the dots for every employee – senior management to those working on the production line. The way in which you treat dealers and customers has a direct impact on the bottom line.

We just completed the launch of their new website which more effectively showcases their craftsmanship and value, and more importantly, we’ve helped to remove them from (drum roll, please) the annual poll of “Most Difficult” companies to work with by fueling an aggressive dealer relationship program addressing directly, problems that came out of the market research. That is, we asked hard questions and got truthful answers.

That last part is gratifying because our client is happy and our strategy has paid off. REAL data-driven marketing works. Expecting more good results for Screaming Garlic and Landice in 2013 and hoping for good results in the new year for you as well.

Michael Klausner
[email protected]