Why is SEO still so important?

Why is SEO still so important?

Writing Content for SEOThis article really hits the nail on the head regarding the value of the new SEO model. If you have fresh, well written, relevant and ORIGINAL content, ultimately  you will get noticed …. in summary, it’s the content  (and the keywords) stupid.

Here’s our favorite one of the bunch:

7. Use subheads

If your article is longer than 250-400 words, using subheads is a good idea. Subheads will entice your visitors to continue reading your article and easily find sections of most interest to them. Plus, subheads add more fuel for search engines, so use keywords to help craft your subheads.

(And don’t forget to break up text into short paragraphs to make it more readable on a computer monitor.)

This one is worth the click and that’s why we’re offering it up as a reprint. Nine Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content.

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