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21st Century Marketing Views and Challenges

Rogers High Fidelity – Going Retro

Rogers High Fidelity of Warwick, NY is doing something unique in the audio enthusiast world - they're going back in time. And Screaming Garlic is happy to help them take this step backwards. Roger Gibboni, the founder of Rogers High Fidelity (RHF), has spent his professional career designing and manufacturing high tech communications and radar equipment...

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UEC – Full of Energy

United Energy Consultants, a B2B energy broker, worked with Screaming Garlic recently to revamp their marketing image and launch their new website. The site focuses on cutting through the clutter and letting prospects now exactly what the business does - helps save you money! The energy broker business is competitive so being able to communicate clearly and...

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Landice – 45 years of Fitness Finesse

Landice, Inc. makes some of the best treadmills and elliptical trainers found in the high-end fitness market, and it's all done in the USA, backed up with lifetime warranties. The company wanted to take a pulse check on their market - find out what their customers and dealers thought of them and explore ways to enhance...

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Using Influencer Marketing on Wine Brand

Hahn Family Vineyards, a small family winery wanted to get its name out amongst influential and passionate foodie groups and wine aficionados. Through the Groupable platform several foodie groups were selected to receive select wines and tasting notes to complement a group’s dinner club meal. The group used Twitter to provide immediate feedback and short commentary...

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Screaming Garlic Video – PSI Overview

Looking to provide a clean, concise overview on their Synergy financial software services, Screaming Garlic worked with the Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.(PSI) team to better understand their target market and the best way to deliver their message to them. Screaming Garlic wrote and produced a 45-second video with narration that provides an entertaining and informative description of...

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Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. – Financial Software

Since 1992, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (PSI) has been providing custom financial software solutions and IT consulting to the top global banks involved in international and wholesale finance. [caption id="attachment_165" align="alignleft" width="300"] Click to Enlarge[/caption] PSI needed a way to demonstrate easily their Synergy software application so prospects could see and feel the experience. Screaming Garlic developed a...

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