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google analytics academy

Why Google Analytics Academy is so Smart

If you ever had the thought of going back to school to beef up your marketing credentials, look no further than Google's Analytics Academy. This crash course in the basic tenets of market analysis and the necessity of measurement done Google-style will provide the knowledge of the power behind their platform -- and why they're $1,000/share. As...

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Google explores the phase out of cookies

As browser providers begin to add more automatic cookie blockers as part of their features and debates heat up over privacy and what cookies do with your information, it makes sense that Google looks to the next step to deal with these issues. And for those of us who just mastered AdWords Certification programs, hearing that...

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Google says PR will be treated as link schemes

The old way of doing business has changed once again thanks to Google's decision on link schemes. For those of us who write press releases, we need to be careful not to add certain anchor links from the release as Google may negate this link and harm our SEO capabilities, or in Google-speak. "Links with...

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Forget the NSA – Predictive Apps Are Scarier

All the recent talk about the leaker and what he leaked about the Government's unfettered access to our personal lives is the stuff of spy novels and Big Brother theory. It's the new mind-reading apps that are available now that may put more fear and awe into our hearts. The New York Times recently ran a...

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A killer is lurking right under your seat

One of the things we like about our name, Screaming Garlic, is the connotation of health. Screaming is a good way to get things off your chest and release pent up energy. And Garlic, of course, has a long list of health benefits not to mention the ability to ward off vampires and unwanted kisses. But...

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