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3 Tips to Get a Response to Your Emails

Trying to figure out how to get someone to respond to you through email usually goes something like this: you see a potential hot lead, you write an email asking to meet up, then you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Much of the time they never respond. The truth is, even inbound leads often require...

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Email Marketing: Alive and Well? or DOA?

With new technology coming out every day, it can seem like email is on its way out. However, at Screaming Garlic, we still believe email is an important part of marketing. All the way back in 2004, PC Magazine ran a piece titled “The Death of Email.” It started by asking the reader, “Has email peaked and...

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The Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Best Practices – Part 2

These posts will guide you through 5 important blog post best practices. We will focus on each one of these steps individually. We recommend following these steps in order, and we have broken them down into bite-sized pieces of information. In Part 1, we focused on how to choose your topic and title and the importance...

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ultimate guide to blogging pt 2

The Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Best Practices – Part 1

Blog posts have certainly changed over the years and as a marketing company or any sales focused company knowing how to post properly can help change you and your business. At one time, blogs were used to describe personal accounts of people’s lives, their travels, and their pet Furby collections. Today, blogging is the organic way to...

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The Screaming Garlic Way

Real data provides insight into every audience segment. Which communications channels do your customers prefer? Do they respond or interact with your Twitter stream? How did that postcard campaign pull? Is customer wariness affecting your email delivery stats?...

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Getting Leads Through Social Media

There's no magic bullet when it comes to getting new sales, just ask Willy Loman. But this article that we found gives a great summary of what we do at Screaming Garlic to help market our clients and get them new sales leads. Social Media Lead Generation Tips...

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