Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. – Financial Software

Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. – Financial Software

Since 1992, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (PSI) has been providing custom financial software solutions and IT consulting to the top global banks involved in international and wholesale finance.

Screen shot from the PSI demo

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PSI needed a way to demonstrate easily their Synergy software application so prospects could see and feel the experience. Screaming Garlic developed a practical, interactive demo based upon the actual application that enabled approved users to click-through a series of processes involved in creating a Letter of Credit and Collection.

The demo follows a self-guided step-by-step system guide of the Synergy Trade Services for Corporates application. Certain key features are highlighted for exploration, and a general system overview with look-and-feel operations is provided.

To complete this project, Screaming Garlic worked with PSI’s system developers and product team to capture the workflow and screenshots of critical application steps. Screaming Garlic performed all coding, copy and design in-house. The demo has proved to be a worthwhile marketing tool for PSI at trade shows, conferences, and initial customer visits where in-depth system presentations are not practical or necessary.










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