Rogers High Fidelity – Going Retro

Rogers High Fidelity – Going Retro

Rogers High Fidelity of Warwick, NY is doing something unique in the audio enthusiast world – they’re going back in time. And Screaming Garlic is happy to help them take this step backwards.

Roger Gibboni, the founder of Rogers High Fidelity (RHF), has spent his professional career designing and manufacturing high tech communications and radar equipment for the Department of Defense, NASA and several other agencies with demanding communications and engineering requirements. Roger brought this high quality engineering and manufacturing expertise to the home audio market when he founded Rogers High Fidelity in 2009. He makes high-powered vacuum-tube amplifiers. And they’re 100% hand-made on his farm in New York State.

Check out their new website and their video (which SG wrote). It tells the RHF story and displays amplifiers in fine detail. As we like to say about RHF – Hear the warmth, see the precision. [Also, an SG tagline].

To the site.

Michael Klausner
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