UEC – Full of Energy

UEC – Full of Energy

United Energy Consultants, a B2B energy broker, worked with Screaming Garlic recently to revamp their marketing image and launch their new website.

The site focuses on cutting through the clutter and letting prospects now exactly what the business does – helps save you money!

The energy broker business is competitive so being able to communicate clearly and concisely your value to a busy audience was paramount for Peter Kaplan, President of UEC.

The new site uses text and graphics to succinctly express the value and ease of working with UEC. Glowing reviews from current clients help bring home the personal touch and monetary rewards UEC has garnered for its clients.

More importantly is the behind-the-scenes work, SG has done to bring the website up to current speed. With a focus on SEO/SEM, SG is building site visibility through organic links from custom generated information rather than pure SEO links to non-related content. Based upon Google’s new rules about links, SG has had to go through the pain-staking process of un-linking much of the previous SEO work undertaken. Google dings sites that have too many bad back links and knocks them out of the SEO game that is now out-of-date.

If you’re unsure of the validity of your current SEO strategy, let SG take a look under the covers to evaluate.

Michael Klausner
[email protected]