Nate Brochin

Mailroom Supervisor

HubSpot Certifications

Growth Driven Design: 2016, Content Marketing: 2016

Google Analytics Academy

Digital Analytics Fundamentals, 2014

Awards - NJ Ad Club 2015

1st Place - In Store Branding, Landice

Awards - NJ Ad Club 2014

2nd Place, Print Collateral Brochure

About me
Work Experience

I am an accomplished corporate strategist, start-up entrepreneur and digital marketer. I founded of one of the earliest full-service digital agencies in the US, Rare Medium (RRRR), where I oversaw client relationships with leading CPG brands that included Nabisco, General Mills, Mattel, Tanqueray Gin, Sony Electronics and Major League Baseball. My vision and expertise helped to create nearly $4 billion in shareholder value during a 10-year span. I have more than 15 years of experience founding and leading companies that have been at the nexus of technology and advertising in the web technology, mobile marketing and social media practice areas.

But enough about me, here’s more about Screaming Garlic.

About me
My Interests

I like to build things, interactive experiences, artful interfaces, useful products and companies. I believe that learning is a forever journey.

Young entrepreneurs have this romantic notion about business and how it gets done – in board rooms, winning over big audiences, making presentations to adoring crowds. It takes a while until they learn that it’s really just about people, one on one interactions. And that every business interaction is about earning trust of your customers. It doesn’t matter if you sell a $1 product, a service or a $5,000 product. It all boils down to trust.

Things that are important to me – Family, education. Learning and working collaboratively to build great things that help people, even a small number, do something better, faster, easier, smarter or more enjoyably.

I paint, I run, I play the guitar and I learn foreign languages for fun. Italian is my current obsession. Russian is up next…

Check out the self-portrait below hanging in an exhibition at Overlook Hospital. It’s made entirely from map pins.

I may not have agreed with his politics (ever), but Judge Scalia was right about one thing; if you have lived the life you believe in, you’ve earned the right to speak about what it has taught you. The rest is just political correctness. I wholeheartedly agree.

Screaming Garlic Home

What I’m Best At

  • Portrait painting
  • Music (Operatic, Broadway)
  • Non-profit board member
  • Acting
  • Learning foreign languages

What I’m Best At
Skills & Expertise

  • Coding (Javascript, HTML, CSS)
  • Digital Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot Certified
  • Content Marketing