Groupable – The Sponsorship Marketplace

Groupable – The Sponsorship Marketplace

We think Groupable is one of the coolest concepts in the social media marketplace and are delighted to work with them.

It used to be that corporations had no choice but to sponsor large audiences to obtain even marginally relevant consumer data. How else to access subgroups and sub-subgroups and sub-sub-subgroups of the population at large? Enter Groupable. You can think of it as a kind of matchmaking service, sans yente.

Self-Organized, Passionate Influencers
No matter what cause someone champions, or the group they are a part of – through the Groupable site, developed and designed by Screaming Garlic, connections with sponsors on both a local and global scale can occur so groups further their passion and spread the word in order to keep the flame alive, and sponsors can connect with them.

As part of our work with Groupable, we designed a database filled with self-organized, grass-roots entities looking for corporate sponsorship, and with corporations looking to reach potential audiences so pairs can be made.

Book lovers, wine aficionados and stamp collectors are all accounted for. In actuality, anybody who is a fervent follower and defender of any concept or idea is going to put this site to immediate use.

Sponsorship ROI and Influence Measurement
In addition, we developed a dynamic algorithm, the Groupability Index, to allow sponsors to zero in on the demographics that will produce the greatest return on investment (ROI). And because the Index can be tweaked to reflect the most relevant marketing data, the results are always up-to-date and precise. The result? Sponsorship ROI becomes MORE VISIBLE to corporations.


Michael Klausner
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