Author:Nate Brochin

Redesigning Your Website with Your Customer as the Client

The traditional website design process is broken.

When you last launched  your website, it was likely nothing more than thousands of guesses with a sprinkle of intuition, wrapped up in a hypothesis. The problem is compounded by the fact that when the next iteration launches, the original hypothesis, whatever it was, is rarely validated. Cross your fingers and hoping the site performs well is not a good strategy. That’s not only bad for business, it’s kind of nonsensical. 

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The Screaming Garlic Way

Real data provides insight into every audience segment. Which communications channels do your customers prefer? Do they respond or interact with your Twitter stream? How did that postcard campaign pull? Is customer wariness affecting your email delivery stats?...

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Bud Light Promotion:

The last time I bought a case of beer other than as a token party gift, was probably 1994 - until today. I bought a case, in fact, of Bud Light. Why the sudden change of heart from ice cold craft beer on tap to...

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Using Influencer Marketing on Wine Brand

Hahn Family Vineyards, a small family winery wanted to get its name out amongst influential and passionate foodie groups and wine aficionados. Through the Groupable platform several foodie groups were selected to receive select wines and tasting notes to complement a group’s dinner club meal. The...

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Screaming Garlic Video – PSI Overview

Looking to provide a clean, concise overview on their Synergy financial software services, Screaming Garlic worked with the Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.(PSI) team to better understand their target market and the best way to deliver their message to them. Screaming Garlic wrote and produced a 45-second video...

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Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. – Financial Software

Since 1992, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (PSI) has been providing custom financial software solutions and IT consulting to the top global banks involved in international and wholesale finance. [caption id="attachment_165" align="alignleft" width="300"] Click to Enlarge[/caption] PSI needed a way to demonstrate easily their Synergy software application so prospects...

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